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The air is breathable once again

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Tryina go to school, tryina stay in school, tryina play some pool, just trying to try

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I was born in a litter.

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Anonymous: so there's a guy that I like and he likes me too. there's so much sexual tension that whenever we talk we forget our surroundings and when he kissed me it was like fire rising from my body. now everytime I see him I envision all the wild things I wanna do to him, and he's told me he wants me bad. but he keeps playing games, I told him I'm ready for it but he always makes an excuse. he's acting like a cocktease, what should I do?


he doesnt really want you

Fuck that nigga. But dont.

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good morning

from my cubicle

im so overwhelmed with shit to do

hope you have a good day

Remember to take a break in between so you can dump your shit too!! :D

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someone sit on my face

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